Students will use this kit to learn how to launch carts uniformly. This will be useful for Hooke's Law and Conservation of Energy labs in Honors and AP Physics. The sensors will be used to study optics, dynamics, centripical force, motion of a pendulum and other topics in physics.

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Item Description Quantity Unit Price
PASCO CArt Spring Launcher The new Spring Cart Launcher provides an economical way to launch carts in a repeatable fashion. It can be used for Hooke's Law, collisions, and for Conservation of Energy. 5 $50
PASCO Rotary Motion Sensor Our Rotary Motion Sensor may be the most useful sensor in physics! Use it to study optics, dynamics, centripetal force, motion of a pendulum and many other topics. Measures position, velocity and acceleration (angular and linear) with incredible (0.09 º) resolution and accuracy. Higher maximum spin rate (30 rev/sec) allows students to perform a full range of motion experiments. 2 $170