This kit will help students model DNA replication and RNA transcrition. It will also teach students about organs and organ systems and teach about the circulatory system as part of cellular respiration.


Item Description Quantity Unit Price
Flow of Genetic Info. Kit Kit comes with durable color-coded foam nucleotides, tRNAs, placemats, and more, which allow students to model DNA replication, transcription of DNA into RNA, and translation of RNA into proteins. Addresses challenging concepts such as DNA strand directionality, anti-parallel structure, leading/lagging strands, and implications of encoded proteins due to changes in the DNA code. 14 $115
Mini Human Torso Model Altay®. Twelve-part miniature torso has removable head that opens to show internal structures, including detailed, removable half brain. Front portions of both lungs are removable, exposing pulmonary vasculature and respiratory airways (right lung) and general appearance of internal tissue (left lung). 1 $200
Human Heart Model Altay®. Life size. Dissectible into 2 parts. Clearly shows internal and external anatomy including valves, cardiac chambers, and pulmonary and systemic vascular structures. All significant features are numbered; key included.  1 $65
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