Strings on orchestra instruments are tuned by pegs. They are fussy gadgets that, if not handled delicately, can result in string breakage. Every year I spend over $1000 on string replacement because of broken strings. Replacing traditional pegs with perfection pegs can mitigate issues of string breakage by employing a mechanical process within the peg box to prevent the string from abruptly stretching effectively causing breakage. By retrofitting the instruments with perfection pegs, students can learn how to tune their instruments (a necessary skill as a musician) without worrying that the string will break. The most inexpensive quality string on the market is the violin E string. It costs roughly $10 (MSRP). The A string costs roughly $12. Viola, cello, and bass strings are even more expensive. While retrofitting instruments with the perfection peg system will be costly up front, doing so can potentially save thousands of dollars in the long run by eliminating the need to replenish strings on a regular basis due to string breakage.  

$140 per violin / viola (materials and installation)

$170 per cello (materials and installation)

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